Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Quilt as You Go Hexagon Quilt - my creative space

Remember a while back I started a hexagon quilt using a quilt as you go method that I thought I’d cleverly devised? 

I worked out a way of machine piecing the individual hexagons units together.

Quilted them onto individual pieces of left over batting.  This I loved doing.

Stitched a trio of quilted blocks together and popped a small red hexagon on the intersection of the seams.

All seemed good and so I made the rest of the blocks, decided on the layout and set about putting the individually quilted hexagons together.  I was so smug to have come up with a method that was quick and easy! Then I hated the process – the quilt became unwieldy; seaming was cumbersome and the joins were too bulky. No amount of trimming, ironing or top-stitching was going to change it

In dismay I threw the quilt in the corner.

But I’ve been thinking about it.  I really like the individual blocks……

And so I’m going to rescue the quilt by unpicking the seams between the blocks and trimming back the batting behind each block.  Then I will have to resort to conventional methods – make a quilt top; layer it with batting and backing afterwards and quilt it in one whole piece (by hand – perhaps). 

So much for my quick and easy method.  Will it stop me from trying wacky ideas again in the future?  Not at all - nothing new is discovered without giving things a go and I am not afraid of the odd failure (but I would love this quilt to work in the end).

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Leonie said...

I love the blocks and the idea. Well done you for redo-ing!

liz said...


Leeanne said...

I like your blocks too! It was a good thought, and like you say if you don't try these new ideas, well we will all just keeping on doing the same stuff.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Those blocks look really good! What a pain that the first method didn't work. It's a relief to know that even people who sew well have experiments that don't turn out the way they first want... it gives the novices like me hope that I CAN learn from my mistakes.
Can't wait to see the final product... although if you are hand stitching it, that might be a while! :)